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After many years in arts field Angie Osborne realised her passion to help and support others through difficult and challenging times, and took the final step to change career and become a Counsellor.

hrscreative, having worked with Angie on her branding, advertising and websites when she ran a highly successful Art Gallery (The Hop Gallery), we were commissioned to design a brand for her new Counselling practice. 

Using Angie’s signature, together with the shape of her counselling room as a concept, the project included a logo, stationery, leaflets, press ads and a WordPress website 

“hrscreative have been designing my business branding, website and stationery for me for over ten years.  Each time when I have required an overhaul or more recently a totally new business branding I have gone to Clare who miraculously manages to unravel my not very clear brief and make some sense of it with the result being better than I could have possible hoped for. 

“Thank you, Clare, for your continuity of support and vision which you generously share with me.”

Angie Osborne