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Bowden House School Sticker Books
Bowden Primary School Folder
Bowden House School Sticker Books
Bowden Primary School Folder

Bowden House School, part of Tower Hamlets, is a weekly residential school committed to supporting students between the ages of 9–16+ who present with a range of complex, social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

The school approached hrscreative with a view to designing a pilot Sticker Book for Mathematic for ‘Stage not Age’, encouraging students to engage in learning in a more creative way.

The idea being that a student progresses, achieves and is awarded for their ability to complete a task. Having proved successful as a pilot, the school rolled the project out over all eight subjects. Each book is bespoke to the students ability and starting age.

As well as the actual sticker books, hrscreative created Superstar illustrations of famous people, including Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, David Beckham and Roald Dahl (221 illustrations in total), emoji stickers and poster boards with biographies for each Superstar to go in the classrooms.

We also created illustrations and stickers of the students so they could personalise their books in the same style.

Other projects for Bowden House School have included a similar project for the Bowden Primary School (featured above) and Bespoke Student Folders and Dividers.


From the outset hrscreative provided us with the most incredible service. Communication was second to none throughout and the finished product was utterly stunning. I cannot thank Clare and her team enough for the creativity, enthusiasm and tenacity in which the project was undertaken. I would recommend hrscreative to anyone looking for a finished product that is competitive in price, professionally designed and wonderfully realised.’

Deputy Headteacher, Bowden House School