Brochure for East Sussex Registrations
Brochure for East Sussex Registrations

East Sussex Registration, part of East Sussex County Council, are responsible for providing services surrounding births, deaths, marriages and other ceremonies in the County.

hrscreative has designed and produced a two brochures a 48-page brochure for Weddings & Ceremonies and a 28-page Bereavement Guide from text and imagery supplied. The brochures are finished with a soft touch laminate to the cover to give an additional air of quality to the final brochure. The project also included the design of a location map and adverts positioned throughout.

Other projects for East Sussex Registration have included folders and website animated banners.  

“I just wanted to let you know that the brochures have arrived. They are great, everyone has commented on how lovely they are. Thank you.

Media & Marketing Officer and Lead Registrar

East Sussex Registration