Lewes & District dementia action alliance

Branding and literature

Lewes & District Dementia Action Alliance is the coming together of local businesses and voluntary groups with a view to making Lewes an even more ‘dementia friendly’ town.

Broadly, this means that people experiencing dementia and their carers, entering commercial premises etc. in the town will enjoy the same levels of awareness and welcome from staff as they would if entering say, a medical, or community centre.

Clare Crouch, MD of hrscreative, sits on the governing group and as part of her role she designed the brand and promotional materials to raise awareness of the Alliance and to encourage more businesses in Lewes to become ‘Dementia Friendly’.

I love what you’re doing with this…utterly love it! Hope you feel good about this, may I say that I feel what you have brought to the LDDAA and achieved in such a short space of time has been wonderful.

Community Development Officer, 3VA