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The Lewes Pound is more than just money. It celebrates Lewes and the diversity and richness of its independent traders, producers and suppliers, encouraging visitors to come to Lewes and residents all to shop locally.

Based on a simple principle: most money spent locally stays local. Most money spent in chain stores leaves the town leaving the local community poorer. The Lewes Pound is a creative and practical way that celebrates Lewes.

In September 2020 the Lewes Pound launched the new issue notes (LP1, LP5, LP10 & LP21), using local artists to design the notes, the four key messages are Celebrating Lewes, Social Justice, Supporting Local and Climate Change.

hrscreative have been working with the Lewes Pound for the past three years on promoting the currency.  This latest launch required a big marketing push to include the design of new folders, leaflets, postcards and exhibitions to vinyl banners, certificates and window stickers.


“We are delighted with the work hrscreative has produced to showcase the 4th issue of Lewes Pounds. Clare’s knowledge and creative input has brought a consistency and quality across all our many leaflets, stickers and the Lewes Pound website that makes the new notes really stand out. 

The overwhelming response has been how well presented and beautiful the new notes are.  A great way to celebrate Lewes.  Thank you.”


The Lewes Pound