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Illustrated Book of Presidents of the United States
Illustrated Book of Presidents of the United States

Sid Brian Yates is an illustrator based in Sussex.

Having written and illustrated a book about Presidents of the United States, he approached hrscreative to design and print the publication.

A 140pp perfect bound book featured a fold out 6-page cover and features a double page spread on each of the 46 US Presidents, as well as chapters on Vice-presidents, First Ladies and Presidents that Never Were. In addition to commisioning the print, hrscreative also assisted with purchasing bar codes and ISBN numbers, through the British Library, so the book could be sold online via outlets like Amazon.  

Sid’s next book will be an illustrated history of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. 

“The book looks amazing and your suggested alterations have given it a sense of playfulness. Thanks for all your help – you have been amazing!”

Sid Brian Yates

Author & Illustrator